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YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL - 7 tips to enhance your beauty!

No matter how young or old you are, You are Beautiful! Discover it, embrace and flourish it!
This is the most exciting work you can do for yourself!

Today I would like to share with you 7 tips on how to enhance your inner & outer beauty. Yes, the true beauty is the harmony of inner and outer expression…. they nourish each other… if you are not glowing from inside, no piece of outfit would make you truly beautiful!

1. Love Yourself

Everything starts here – your success and happiness in all areas of life. Loving the feminine charm of your inner and outer beauty is the key. The curves of your body, the shine of your eyes, the hair, the graceful moves, the purity inside – how is it possible not to love it? Remind yourself, as you are looking in the mirror– how beautiful you are, how much you can offer to the world.
Love to yourself will expand to all you touch upon in your life. It will bring out the best of you and will attract the best in other people. It is contagious.
Loving yourself is the key to your health, confidence and success in life.

2. Explore your dreams and passions

Never give up on your dreams & passions! Well, and if you are not sure what they are.. Here is what you can do
Take a blank piece of paper, put on some nice, soothing music and start imagining….
What is it that you are passionate about? What are your dreams? And put it on paper, in colours…. and promise yourself that no matter how busy you are with all your daily staff, you are going to spend at least 15-30 min. a day on your passion.
Passion is the call of your soul. You shouldn’t neglect it. Being Passionate and following your dream will flourish your beauty from inside out.

3. Shape your Body

Many of us concern about their weight. But, don’t you know that this is one of the easiest challenges in life? And it is such a pleasure as well - working on your body and making it the one that you want.
Our bodies have almost endless possibilities for transformation. Yes, of course, there is genetic type, specific build, etc… but there is yet so much You Can Do. And trust me, having fun and enjoying it all the way through….
Here is one part of the recipe: make the exercise and healthy eating habits part of your Lifestyle. This is not about diets – they do not work! - this is the New Lifestyle for You - to create, to maintain and to excel the beautiful and healthy You. Subscribe and stay tuned to my channel for future programs to help you implementing this - Create your body program is coming up soon)

4. Dress up in harmony of what you are

It is not about a trend, it is about the harmony between your inner-self, what you truly are, and the outer image.
Outer You should reflect Inner You. Balance and harmony are in all ways.
People see you with the eyes. By the way you dressed, they would unconsciously judge what you are, and they would be either attracted to you or not.
You shouldn’t pick up an outfit because everyone is wearing it… It should be Unique - Unique as You are. Romantic, Dramatic, Sporty, Seductive…. whatever you are at the moment… what is your type? What are YOU?
Outer You would affect Inner-You. It is amazing how it is all connected. Do you remember those days, when you knew how beautiful you looked, all things were going right for you? Things at work, at home – everyone unconsciously saw you the way you felt yourself – and they were attracted to you…. your energy.

5. Treat yourself regularly

You are the One to be treated regularly. You need this to remind yourself about your beauty and excel it every day. You are beautiful and treating yourself will help you to realize this beauty.

6. Create yourself

You are your Mind, Body and Soul in the most beautiful expression of it. You have potentials to be realized in your life. Spend time to explore what you want to be, have and do in your life journey.  You are the creator of yourself and world around you. Start creating your dream life today.

7.Carry Your Beauty with Pride

Always carry your feminine beauty with pride. Never let anyone put you dow.

You are the Goddess of Love and Beauty! Remember it and Be the Greatest of You!

Please comment and subscribe ….

Love & Light,

Olga Lishansky


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    [..YouTube..] good tips!

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