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I close my eyes
And go within,
I want to think about you…
To dream a perfect dream.

Your Eyes

Through your eyes, the universe is opening for me. I can see the deep ocean, feel a warm wind and touch a soft sand. I can fly to the stars and fall into black holes… and the time stops there. It does not exist. Time is irrelevant. There is nowhere to go. It is my home. I found it through your eyes. (I feel complete).

Love is The Song

Love is a beautiful song, a song of your heart. You can find it in different shapes and forms… unique for you, as your soul. As you feel it, all seem to change within you and outside of you.
Your breath expands, your eyes start sparkle,
Your hands become wings, and your heart starts sing.

Where to Find Love?

It lies within you, hidden underneath your pain and struggles, deep in your soul.
You are the One. You are Love. It is all yours, forever.
Start looking for it in the deep corner of your inner-beauty and you will find it.
Do you Hear this song? It is a song of your heart. Love is the answer to all mysteries…..

Toast For Love

For Love that lives in our hearts.
The Love that is screaming to get out.
The Love that we dream of.
The Love that we live for.
All in our life that we are looking for,
The reason for our existence.

Love, this is for you,
The toast, to celebrate You,
To feel, to express, to give
To all around us.

© Olga Lishansky

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