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Music Has Power To Transform Us

“Through music we enter the world of emotions, thoughts, ideas and images . . . the whole Universe of our inner selves, the abundant source of life and creation. There are no barriers – there you are free, joyful and complete.”

Power of Music: Music is not only a property of human intelligence and a source of aesthetic pleasure, it is also a powerful tool for emotional, spiritual, mental and physical transformation. You can use the power of music to calm your mind, inspire your spirit, release tension in your body and promote emotional well-being. Now with the advanced technology (I-pod), this tool is yours and available to you anytime, anywhere.
“Music is much more than a beautiful luxury: It is a fundamental way of expressing our humanity—and it is often our best medicine” By Oliver Sacks, MD (from Article “Wired for Sound”, OPRAH – MAGAZINE December, 2008).

Music Effect: Music Energy enters your energy field and affects you instantly, either you are aware it or not. This effect may be positive or negative.
Japanese scientist M. Emoto researched on how different music make a different effect on a molecular structure of water (and we are about 75% Water!) His findings were quite mind blowing. He discovered that water under influence of classical music for example, would shape quite different molecular structure, than under influence of hard rock…. Check out this video

The point is: music “A” can Heal us, yet  music “B” can Destroy Us.

Using power of music: Becoming more conscious about what we listen to and using the power of music intentionally is the skill to learn. With this skill you choose your music (the energy you need at point in time) to transform your whole being to harmony and balance.

Songs to energize, songs to calm down, songs to inspire, songs to heal…

Individual Effect of Music: Each of us is unique, therefore same song can make a different effect, depends on an individual. Learning about your own self, your emotions and thoughts would help you to understand better how particular song influences your being. Finding the resonance between your inner-world and a musical piece is one of the keys of that process.

  • What music do you listen to?
  • What songs make your heart sing?
  • Are you empowered by music?

TIPS on how to use the Power of Music:

  • Make time for music in your life. Devote your whole being to listening. That can become one of the most inspiring time of your day - time to be with yourself through music.
  • Find a tune for your soul. Pay attention how a particular piece of music effects you, especially your feelings. As you find which song is tuned to your soul, you will find the path to the best part within you, easily to be awaken through this song. Let Your Heart Song!
  • Avoid listening to the music that irritates you or make you feel empty or tired. Remember: music can heal you, as well as it can destroy you

And now, Let’s Enter Universe within & Heal with this beautiful music of Mozart!

Let Your Heart Sing the Song of Love with Music!

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35 Responses so far.

  1. xbunnyflyx says:

    [..YouTube..] Very interesting and a very different take on this piece – I like it! Especially because so many people play it so mechanically : (

  2. [..YouTube..] This is just so not Mozart..

  3. [..YouTube..] Супер,Олечка! Если бы смогла,сыграла бы точно так же.Удачи!Цём.

  4. [..YouTube..] Супер,Олечка! Если бы смогла,сыграла бы точно так же.Удачи!Цём.

  5. [..YouTube..] Супер,Олечка! Если бы смогла,сыграла бы точно так же.Удачи! Цём.

  6. [..YouTube..] Оля,снова,в который раз ,слушаю тебя.СПАСИБО!!!

  7. [..YouTube..] Оля,снова,в который раз ,слушаю тебя.СПАСИБО!!!

  8. EmceeKizzle says:

    [..YouTube..] what about christian heavy metal

  9. [..YouTube..] Культура lol ,russian channel , i dont know why nobody knows about water in america.

  10. Misha986 says:

    [..YouTube..] What’s the name of the backround song?

  11. Erithlon says:

    [..YouTube..] these are just pictures! He could have changed the ice crystals himself in between the making of the pictures. This doesn’t prove anything at all. please provide some valid scientific evidence.

  12. drbuttercup8 says:

    [..YouTube..] beautiful. thank you Mr. M. Emoto

  13. BishiSab says:

    [..YouTube..] Please Wake UP!!! Say No to Gen. Manipulated Poisen!! Say No to the EVIL WEATHER WARS. Chimtrials are Killing the Nature and the Result will be Miljons of people Sickened and die!!? Please Research and Inform each other. FREE EVNERGI EXISTS, DONT LET THEM DIVIDE AND ROLL US ONCE AGAIN. WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!?

  14. [..YouTube..] great work, enriching. I collect water from the rain , and I have great experience as it comes from the Heavens! (Miami Beach Florida)

  15. ZandiDolly says:

    [..YouTube..] I was wondering can this work by.If you get a glass of water and then put the straw in the glass of water.And you put one head phone on top of the straw as it plays music, after the song ends.You then tip a little bit of water colour paint then it form a pattern.

  16. bluessingerr says:

    [..YouTube..] “What the Bleep do we Know” changed my life forever.. much of Dr Emoto’s work was therein. Thank you sara

  17. Huineng10 says:

    [..YouTube..] The pioneering work of Dr Emoto has vital importance for the whole world.The work of Victor Schauberger is also of interest here.

  18. okatotaia87 says:

    [..YouTube..] does it work with all languages? or only with english? ;) does it work with japanese or german too? they are quite “solid” languages.what about words that rhyme to adolph hitler, or kill. I wonder if it really works, or its just another urban legend

  19. shahvrus says:

    [..YouTube..] @okatotaia87 Yes it does. Try this by meditating yourself. You are 60 % water. Any prayer in any language will work. I’ve tried.

  20. dmosier says:

    [..YouTube..] Hello?!?!?Dr Emoto’s work has never been successfully repeated.His work is bad-science, at best. I have read his papers, his books and seen his interviews. My comments are not made out of ignorance, but out of research inspired out of genuine curiosity.This concept is BUNK! Water has no memory that we can test. Period.

  21. a1Drummer07 says:

    [..YouTube..] @maxinatlanta of course they do

  22. [..YouTube..] loved this video “thank you” it doesnt cost anything. perhaps it might help make things better..

  23. MRrawlife says:

    [..YouTube..] I love the music in this video

  24. [..YouTube..] I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on why he declined a offer million dollars to reproduce his experiment in a double blind stufy by the amazing randi?. Thanks.

  25. kachetil says:

    [..YouTube..] and what if water have feelings?!i think it have to kill as all!

  26. haodi13 says:

    [..YouTube..] @kachetil water dont kill us but we kill ourselves just say thx u water

  27. joadhenry says:

    [..YouTube..] thank you for this video.

  28. [..YouTube..] I agree that the universe is a projection of conciseness, but water does not have memory. It can be a projection of its environment due to stimulants and contaminates or lack there of. I see no real science in the pictorial claims. Just HUGE assumptions.And since no snowflake has the same pattern, I seriously doubt these claims can be scientifically replicated. It just in not what water does.

  29. [..YouTube..] @avelasourcing don’t be too sure there.. there’s much more to the world out there that we simply just don’t understand

  30. blacktigerhc says:

    [..YouTube..] Very good! Thank you!

  31. [..YouTube..] !!!!!!!

  32. [..YouTube..] Celebrating Mozart’s birthday today! #mozart #mozartbirthday 

  33. [..YouTube..] Celebrating Mozart’s birthday today! #mozart #mozartbirthday 

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