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Music Coaching


Music for Your Life Success!

Music has Power. Either we are aware of it or not, as music energy enters      our energy field it transforms it.  Music can inspire the heart, energize the   body and calm the mind. It can be used as a tool to promote well-being and     success in all areas of life.

“Transform Your Life with Music” series (derived from Olga’s radio show)  

are being developed to guide you on how you can use the energy of music

for your own benefits. They will include such exciting topics as “music for

your daily success”, “music for your business success”, “music to balance 5

elements”, “music for chakra work”, “music to manage stress” and much

much more...

Sign-up to stay tuned for coming up audio series “Transform Your Life with

Music” and to receive all musical updates and gifts!           



Music Lessons

Would you like to heal with music? Or would you like to develop your (or

your child’s) musical talent?

Recent researches showed that music playing is not just about developing

the musical skill, it is also about improving learning skills, focus and

coordination, mental sharpness, ability to express yourself, creativity and

emotional healing!

These days business people take music lessons to release stress, anxiety,

to create more balance in their life and become more creative in their


No matter how old or young you are and what musical talent you have, you

can explore all properties of music playing right now, by signing up to the

class in Wasaga Beach!

    Currently registration is open for:

  1.     Piano Lessons

  2.     Power of Performance (any instrument, voice)

Any age - Any level - Any goal

Piano technique - Theory - Royal Conservatory

Expressivity skill - Creativity skill - Performance skill

Create, Heal and Grow with the power of music!

      Contact us to enquire an addition info

Transform Your Life with Music!


“Olga opened my heart to music. I never liked classical music before, and now I am so inspired by it! Thank you”

“I must tell you that you bring very much enjoyment into my Sunday evenings with your beautiful music.  Thank you for being you” Bob Hutchison

“Olga gave me amazing performance improving strategies... She is an intensely talented, giving, beautiful person, and I feel blessed to have had the chance to work with her.” 
Sherrie  Halliday
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