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Tune Your Life to the Song of Your Heart
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                                                                    “Happiness comes from within”

 I believe everyone has a gift – that shines inside– it is a matter of finding
 it, growing it and living it. The problem is that we are not taught how to
 do that. And this is not our fault, although we are the ones who have to
 deal with it. Society in general focuses on material needs, not on our 
 inner happiness.
 We need help with that. The power lies within each of us, and it needs to           be activated and nurtured. It is our responsibility of being happy, to
 Shine.  And ideally in this life time!
 We are so busy with our lives that there is never time to stop and look      around. Weekends and vacations seem to be the only times when we allow ourselves to live….
Unless something bad happens…. then we start thinking about Life and ourselves in it…. And usually we can not find the answers.. and even if we do, we do not know how to change our life to align with them… as we do not know where to start …. In our minds go: “How would I pay my mortgage, if I follow my true life purpose? How do I feed my kids, if I do what I am passionate about? How? How? How?...”And so not finding the door away, we usually turn back to the routine.
This is like giving up on life. This is like putting yourself in the cage, instead of growing your wings. I would like to help people to grow their wings, as I know they have them. And I hope they can fly….It is like getting to the source of life and breathing it. Every day transforms to a mystical journey of life as we grow with it. 
Shiny Life Purpose
I believe our purpose is to find, to grow and to share with others our shine inside us, the purest energy of us. Everyone has a unique form of expressing this shine; In music, art, sports, cooking, etc. Becoming creators and co-creating with others the world in and around us. Life is short, we all know that, and we need to start Living fully today, not tomorrow. 
Discover Your Happiness Today.

My Story
     Skills & talents: master in music, analyst, manager, concert pianist, certified   
                                life coach, inspirational speaker, writer....
     Life Experiences: 2 immigrations, 2 life threatening experiences, 
                                3 marriages, eating disorder, depression, image make over .....
If you really want to know the whole story, please contact me 
Listen to Olga’s story (3 min.)

“Thanks Olga for awaking the power within me - for putting a  new light into my soul” Ron
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“Thank you Olga for inspiring and empowering me! My life transformed! I feel amazing” Deborah
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