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Tune Your Life to the Song of Your Heart
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Inspirational Speaking + Music + Meditation

Let your group (networking group, business, corporation, other) experience our innovative presentation, which integrates inspirational speaking with music playing and meditation (optional).

To inspire, to encourage and to empower your audience.


  1. Power of Music for your business & personal success

  2. You are Beautiful: tips to enhance your beauty (for women)

  3. Meditation for busy people

Let us customize the topic for your group to meet your agenda! Contact 


Piano Solo and Chamber Music (Amity Trio)

“Through music we enter into the world of emotions, thoughts, ideas and images . . . the whole universe of our inner selves. There are no barriers – there you are free, joyful and complete. I believe the purpose of music performance is to connect the audience to this world, to communicate at a different level, the level of the soul” O.L.

Contact to enquire additional information

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“Olga: It was a wonderful concert and we all enjoyed it immensely. Many thanks for sharing your talent with us”. Barbara Weider
“Thank you for everything!  You are a very beautiful woman and you made the evening magical. Hugggs” Tammie Buckler
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